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Q:   Do the parties need a lawyer during the mediation process?

A: No. However, since the mediator will not provide legal advice to the parties, but will help them to negotiate their own agreement, the parties are free to seek legal advice before, during, or after the process. 

Q:   What are the pros and cons of divorce mediation?

A: Mediation is cost effective as the parties share the cost of each session. Mediation will reduce acrimony and conflict. You and your spouse will work together to arrive at an agreement that works for you and your family, rather than being bound by and forced to observe an agreement that has been fashioned by a judge.

Q:   Should the parties seek legal advice after they have reached an agreement?

A: Yes. I recommend that the parties consult with and review the proposed Mediation Agreement with independent counsel before they sign.  

Q:   How long does Mediation take?

A: Each case is different and depends upon the number of issues and complexity of the issues in dispute.  On average, where there are no minor children, the Mediation will take two to three sessions of two hours each.   If there are minor children, or complex financial issues, the Mediation will average three to six sessions of two hours each.  

Q:   What is the cost of Mediation?

A: Mediators bill by the hour, and usually ask for a modest retainer before the first session. The hourly rates vary but there is no doubt that Mediation is a faster and cheaper way to go!

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