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Why Choose Me

Because my legal experience, temperament and approach have helped many couples reach fair and amicable agreements that work for them and their families. 

My approach is founded on empathy, compassion, and respect for both parties. These qualities help me create an environment that is non-judgmental, open, and welcoming.  The parties know they are on equal footing and will speak openly to me and eventually to each other.  Positive resolutions are achieved in this way.

At the conclusion of your mediation, you will have an Agreement that is fair and equitable, and where minor children are involved, a parenting plan that works well for you and your children.

I am trusted by families and other attorneys.

As a Principal Court Attorney in the matrimonial part of the NYS Supreme Court, I brought hundreds of contentious divorce actions to successful resolution. The families and lawyers that I have worked with know that I am fair, and willing and able to help them reach resolutions with respect to financial and child-related issues.

My experience as an attorney for children informs my approach as a mediator. Reducing conflict for children is a top priority.

I have seen the detrimental impact of parental conflict and the suffering of children who are often placed in the middle of this conflict.  These children, often and unjustifiably, feel responsible for their parents’ anger, frustration and unhappiness. And I have been moved by the sadness and worry in the young faces of my clients as they lamented life in a new home or in the same home without one of their parents. I have been successful in helping parents create custody arrangements and parenting plans, that make children feel safe and secure.

I believe in a holistic approach to mediation.  

I have seen how difficult it is when parents cannot find the right words to speak reassuringly to their children.  I have seen how the stress associated with divorce blinds each spouse to the promise of moving forward in their lives. I believe in a holistic and dignified end of marriage, and I offer a network of partners that can help you move forward. I gladly make referrals to these professionals, whom I know and have vetted.

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